Sustainability Fair 2023 is Still On Today Saturday, April 29!

A note from Susan Miller, Windsor Climate Action’s Leader

Hello all,

Yes, it’s unpleasant weather and for those still able/willing to come, we welcome you with open arms! Turnout be affected – of course. I hope you will consider giving this a shot with us regardless.

I think of this as not just a spring fair – but an important step in educating our community ways to live more sustainably and to start conversations. We think of you as our partners in this effort. Together we can show the town that this matters, even when the weather isn’t great, maybe especially when the weather isn’t great.

It’s a big ask. And I certainly understand the decisions you have to make. If we don’t see you today I’m sure we’ll see you in the future!

Thank you all so very much!

Windsor Climate Action

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