Sustainability Fair 2023 is Still On Today Saturday, April 29!

A note from Susan Miller, Windsor Climate Action’s Leader

Hello all,

Yes, it’s unpleasant weather and for those still able/willing to come, we welcome you with open arms! Turnout be affected – of course. I hope you will consider giving this a shot with us regardless.

I think of this as not just a spring fair – but an important step in educating our community ways to live more sustainably and to start conversations. We think of you as our partners in this effort. Together we can show the town that this matters, even when the weather isn’t great, maybe especially when the weather isn’t great.

It’s a big ask. And I certainly understand the decisions you have to make. If we don’t see you today I’m sure we’ll see you in the future!

Thank you all so very much!

Windsor Climate Action

Free Dark Waters Movie Screening

Click on the image to register for the movie and discussion group.

If you ever wanted to learn more about PFAS contamination in our environment and drinking water, here’s a great opportunity to see the movie Dark Waters, starring Mark Ruffalo, for free on your own device, and to participate in a follow-up online discussion that Windsor Climate Action is co-hosting. Registration for the film screening closes at the end of the business day on Thursday, Sept. 24.

Please share this with your friends and colleagues.

Climate Change and Health in Connecticut: 2020 Yale School of Public Health Report

The Yale Center on Climate Change and Health released this week the Climate Change and Health in Connecticut: 2020 Report. The report tracks 19 indicators grouped into four categories—temperature, extreme events, infectious diseases and air quality—that were developed using publicly available data.

You can download the report here:

For additional details, check out the Yale Center on Climate Change and Health.

Presentations from WCA Meeting on 11-21-19

We had a great meeting on the evening of 11-21-19 with excellent presentations from Steve Wagner and Mark Scully. Steve is the chair of South Windsor’s Energy Committee, and he led a discussion about the great progress his town has made in energy cost reduction and their movement towards 100% renewables.

Mark is a member of PACE, People’s Alliance for Clean Energy. Founded in 1973, PACE is now devoted to developing plans for individual towns to move towards clean energy. They have an analysis template that will be quite useful as Windsor moves along its path towards 100% renewable energy supplies.

Here are links to download PDF copies of the PACE and South Windsor presentations.

PFAS Public Forum & Information

PFAS Public Forum & Information

Thank you to all of you who attended the July 2, 2019 Public Forum about the Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam (AFFF) discharge at Signature Flight’s hangar at Bradley International Airport.

Here are links to the introductory presentation delivered by Windsor Climate Action’s Eric Weiner. Feel free to download and distribute either the PowerPoint or PDF version.

You can view a recording of the meeting above or click this link to display it in a new window:

For a good audio overview of what happened, take a listen to this episode of the Courant’s Capital Watch podcast.